Monday, June 1, 2015

Biblical Typology I

Someone once said that what is enfolded in the Old Testament is unfolded in the New Testament. The purpose of this blog is to fully unfold those rich truths buried like treasures in the Hebrew Scriptures, specifically the ones where we find types of Christ. Our goal is to get to know our wonderful Lord Jesus more. But there are also other types as well, and as the Lord leads, we will examine those, too.

As Paul the apostle said, "Now these things happened to them as types and were written for our admonition, to whom the ends of the ages are arrived." (1 Cor 10:11, BSB).

The following subjects will be covered in this elective course:

Adam as a Type of Christ Noah's Ark as a Type of Christ Hagar and Sarah as Types
The Temple as a Type of Christ The Typology of the Tabernacle The Passover Lamb as a Type of Christ

Optional Reading:
David as a Type of Christ
The Glorified Lamb of God
The Tree of Life as a Type of Christ
The Bronze Serpent as a Type of Christ
Jonah as a Type of Christ

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  1. Brother Lynch thank you for this teaching you have me a pastor with a deference in my town thank you very very much this is it

  2. You're welcome. Who is this? Can you please explain what you mean? I didn't understand you.