Ministries of DTS Graduates

I'd like to take a moment to highlight the ministries of three of our DTS graduates. 

Brother John Abugieye in Nigeria graduated in 2021 from our three-year discipleship program called Doulos Training School, and went on to become a pastor of a small church in that country. He is also a elementary school math teacher with a passion to reach the lost and help the poor and needy. He started a ministry there called Tabernacle Light. Here is a description of his ministry, which will soon include showing the Jesus Film to groups of people:

He is going out from time to time to preach the Gospel. The most common places where he engages in preaching the gospel are remote areas, and sometimes street preaching in his town, Obudu IGA, Cross River State, Nigeria. Recently he and some pastor friends held a three-day meeting in the compound of a man who used to be a confirmed native juju man, well-established in African magic, though he's deceased now. They held a three-day crusade and discipleship program, then a prayer meeting the following week. During the course of their program, God has helped them very much in casting out stubborn demons from the late man's daughter. 

Sometimes, as God provides, he buys sachets of salt, or produces homemade bars of soap, based on his capacity, and shares them with some poor women and widows after preaching. Normally, it is women who always turn out for his programs. In all of his outreaches, he sees people who need not only the preaching of the Gospel but also material help. 

Currently, his ministry is solely focused on evangelistic and discipleship programs. Even without gifts for those in need, he and his team still go out to evangelize. He evangelizes in prison and hospitals on a weekly basis, and also carries out village outreaches. His ministry's aim and intention for the future, as God provides, is to incorporate fully charitable evangelism. This means preaching the Gospel with the evidence of true love, meeting the needs of the less-privileged, widows, and the most vulnerable people while preaching the Gospel to them, with the hope of making them disciples and true believers in Christ. In addition to his roles as a pastor, school teacher, and evangelist, he also serves as our DTS National Facilitator for Nigeria. (See video testimony).

Brother Grace Okurut in Uganda also graduated from our DTS in 2021, and the name of his ministry is Nations for Jesus Ministry.  He oversees five churches, including the main where he is in Soroti town, one in the rural Aukot subcounty in Soroti district, one in rural Agule subcounty of Pallisa district, one in Amuria district, and one in Anyara subcounty in Kalaki district.  There is also one in Kampala operating independently. 

In his ministry, they carry out door-to-door evangelism, open air evangelistic meetings, discipleship, children-and-youth fellowships, family fellowships, healing-and-deliverance meetings, as well as dinner (a meal once a year). In addition to his role as a pastor, he also serves as our DTS National Facilitator for Nigeria.

I have previously posted three, short articles, where you can read more about his life and ministry, such as The Night the Lord Came into My HutThe Body Parts Storehouse in Heaven, and Amazing Healing and Deliverance in Uganda. I hope you will take a moment to check those out, as they will give you a better overall perspective of what the Lord is doing in the life and ministry of brother Grace.

(See video testimony and clip of healing service).

Sister Collete Tago in Kenya is another one of our DTS graduates, who completed her training in 2020. She is currently serving the Lord globally as an online gospel worker. 

During her period of DTS training, the Lord led her to begin sharing her knowledge about holiness and righteousness (Lk 1:74-75; Heb 2:14) with others. She began her online ministry four years ago with a few friends, but now she has virtual congregations in different countries.

Through the popular Whatsapp smartphone app, she shares the gospel of salvation with those who are not yet saved. She also shares knowledge and teachings that she learned from DTS and her church. She provides daily devotional prayer literature and Scripture readings. Sometimes she receives invitations from groups to speak to them on a particular topic online, or to simply speak as the Spirit leads. She prays with others who are in need, especially those in need of healing. She fasts together with others as the need arises. And she gives counseling as well as encouragement to others. Besides her online ministry, she also talks about Christ one-on-one in person to people whom she has the chance to meet.

(See video testimony).

Closing Words
Our Doulos Training School (DTS) is a ministry of Doulos Missions International (DMI), providing three years of free Bible, theological, and discipleship training. We founded DMI seventeen years ago in 2006, in order to make disciples in fulfillment of the Great Commission, and after returning to the States following our four and a half years as residential missionaries in Central and Eastern Europe, we established the DTS in 2015 with the same goal of multiplying disciples. None of this could have been accomplished, except by the Lord through what we have said and done.

By the grace of God, we have graduated ten students, and currently have eight students enrolled. All of our current students and graduates, except for one in England, are in various countries of Africa, including Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. These students and graduates include a number of people with ministry callings, and some that are already serving in ministry, such as four graduates who are pastors, another who is an online gospel worker, and three of our current students who are serving in ministry -- two as pastors, one of whom also oversees five churches; the third is serving as a preacher-evangelist. To God be all the glory!

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