Here are some amazing testimonies of what the Lord has done in the lives of our students through the Doulos Training School (DTS).

Spontaneous Spiritual Growth
John in Nigeria writes:

"I must confess to you that DTS has transformed my life tremendously to live a purpose-driven life in Christ and for Christ...through the DTS many hard questions I always battle with have been answered...

I have learnt so many things from the articles I am studying. My spiritual wilderness is changing through DTS...My testimony is that my life is changing from self mentality to Christ mentality and I am progressing sequentially and gradually in the Word of God through the DTS."

Later he writes:

"The Lord has richly blessed me through the DTS. My spiritual life is growing spontaneously from the study of various Christian articles published by our dear brother in the Lord. We have formed an evangelical group to preach the Gospel to other people in our locality, and the Lord is helping to reach them. I really thank DTS for enlightening my knowledge to preach and tell others about Christ. The Word of God is becoming clear to me. Thank God for brother Len and his family and my fellow students in DTS.

May God bless you all in Jesus Name."

(Video Testimony)

Living by God's Word
Stephen in Nigeria writes:

"Dear Bro Len, ...I write to testify that DTS has helped me with His teachings. I have been corrected by the teachings of the Word I am learning here...I have to change my ways too with the teachings...[It's] so loving of God to give us enough [chances] to miss hell and make home...

DTS is helping me to live by God's Word, and I am very grateful to God for this Sound doctrine being preached in the midst of Prosperity [-focused], earth-bound messages in this age...

God bless you



A Changed Life
Grace in Uganda, one of our DTS students who is a pastor there, writes:

"Praise the Lord, my dear brother Len! I want to thank God for what He is doing through this training! I'm one of God's children who is really zealous for God's work...

This training is opening my eyes to know and understand more about God just like Aquila and Priscilla explained God's way to Apollos more accurately. This training counts to me and is a gift more than whatever any one could offer to me. I say in my soul, 'I need more of God, His Word, ways, power,' etc...

Brother Len, thanks for the opportunity, and I'm sure my ministry will never be the same again -- more so, my personal life that has been touched through the training...I count it a blessing to be part of what the Lord is doing through it! Since the training started I totally feel free, relieved, joyous!
There were also things which were a mystery to me [previously]. I thank God for [the] enlightenment [I have received]; more so, it has helped me to master the Bible and I preach with much confidence.

Reading about the 'presence of the Lord' has changed my life as I often encounter His presence. Sometimes when reading the word, meditating, praying, or singing, I break down with tears and feel much of the Holy Spirit upon me. I have much to share, but generally my life is changed as I'm more conscious about the end times because of this training..."

Later he writes:

"Praise the Lord! I really thank the Lord Jesus for the training and the first quarter I have completed...I praise Him for what so far is being accomplished in our lives and need more of it."

In another email he writes:

"I am blessed to be part of this training. In this second quarter, a lot is happening as my life is changed through the teachings. Such lessons like Ultimate Accountability, Apostles Creed, The Judgment Seat of Christ, [the] one standard of judgment [for all], the Testimonies of hell and heaven, etc. I have discovered a lot, I may not mention all here, but really my life has turned around!!!! Glory to Him!To Him be the glory, majesty and honour forever more, Amen!

Your humble brother,


Moved to a Higher Level
Christian in Nigeria writes:

"Good morning sir,

I must say, your articles and site are giving a better definition to my spiritual life. Thank you Sir."

Later he writes:

"I want to appreciate God Almighty for Creating a thirst in me. To be honest, I have become more concerned about the things of God than I ever used to be.

A few months back, even after making a resolve to serve God, I would often doze off whenever I pick up my Bible to study. However, with the help of the LTG [Life Transformation Group] I belong to, my study of the Word of God has been moved to a new and higher level. As a matter of fact, the Bible keeps me awake and alert whenever I am worn out from studying anatomy or Physiology. It just keeps on getting more interesting even as my knowledge of the Faith Increases.

I thank God for you, Brother Len, for yielding yourself as a tool in the Hand of the Almighty God. Your articles have been a source of rich and balanced Spiritual Diet for me. I get to learn new and very basic things which 'modern day Christianity' would have swept under the rug. Thank you sir.

"Take a step towards God and He would take a Giant Leap towards you" my Pastor (at my local church) would always say. I have tested and found this to be true. Ever since I joined DTS, I made a personal resolve to draw close to God and God has never left me on my own...I see God answering all of my Prayers according to His will. I feel God's presence in everything I do...God has really been faithful, and I trace it back to the day I signed up for DTS.


Immediate Change
Jean Baptiste in Rwanda writes:

"Dear Leonard,

Please, let me tell you how it is good to learn your lessons. It is very wonderful, and when you began to read, it is not easy to leave the course according to the attachment of my heart to it. It shows the reality in life, for example, keeping a prayer journal. I can not explain how I get immediate change, which I have to tell others. We speak with God through our Bible and we get answers in the same way. We have to write each vision and...realization, then you verify the date you received the message....Please I am enjoying with courses and [the] Holy spirit supports me.

May God bless you.

Jean Baptiste."

A Tremendous Transformation
Sister Collete in Mali writes:

"Dear Leonard,

I thank God for the gift of life and abundant grace.

When I look back to over a year ago before I started the DTS and look at my life today.  Spiritually I am not the same person.

I used to be what can be called a religious person meaning I believed in self righteousness involving myself in most church activities and believing by doing so God was pleased with me. What we were taught in church was only blessings and happiness.

Since joining DTS there has been a tremendous transformation in me. I have learnt to have personal relationship with God, besides the true doctrine  of Christianity. Christ dying for our redemption, repentance, salvation, and eternity.

This has changed me to be more focused on more of the things of the Kingdom of God than worldly matters. This is the greatest miracle that has happened to me. To Him alone be all the glory...These are all His doings and they are marvelous!!!!

Stay blessed.

Sister Collete"

A Rich Treasure Transforming My Life
Brother Joshua in Nigeria writes:

"Grace, power and mercy be multiplied in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ..

Glory be to God for your life and the ministry and the unquantifiable blessings and invaluable impartation they all have been to many lives and destinies, especially to me.

Firstly, I want to thank God for the divine impartation, knowledge, and spiritual blessings the DTS teachings have been to my life. All the teachings are a rich treasure and have been transforming my life.

Thanks, sir.

Yours in the faith,

Joshua Akin (Nigeria)"

Empowering and Discipling Christian Leaders
Brother Charles from Uganda writes:

"Greetings From Uganda.

I am very grateful that the Lord made it possible for me to be able to join this training program. I would like to let you know that it has not only widened my understanding in the Word of God, but has also helped me apply the word of God in my day-to-day life and made the Pastoral work easier. I am very optimistic that the next courses will be more impactful.

My regards to the family and partners of Doulos Training School. Let them know that every little support they are giving materially, emotionally, spiritually and financially to make God's word available is being recorded and God will reward each person accordingly.

Thank you very much for continuous service to empower and disciple Christian leaders.

Pr Charles L Okello"

Equipped With Sound Doctrine
Brother Deji from Nigeria gave this testimony after becoming our first graduate of the DTS:

"I want to thank the Lord for seeing me through the DTS. The Lord has definitely equipped me with sound doctrine through the DTS. This helped in ministering to others around me and in the church. All the coursework had relevance to our everyday life. I also thank the Lord that through the Discipleship of Brother Len and Sister Jennifer in DTS, the Lord has answered a lot of questions and guided me in the way to go in my walk with him. DTS for me is much more than just the reading of those scriptures and the coursework, it's a life; learning to follow the Master. DTS gave me an opportunity to really experience and have an understanding of what true fellowship is. At a time during my second year, I thought of dropping out of DTS but the Lord gave me grace to continue until the end. I have been enlightened, edified and equipped through DTS and many suppressed truths of the Lord's ways have been revealed to me through the coursework. All glory to God for the great things he has done in my life.

One important thing that I learnt in DTS that I will take everywhere that the Lord takes me is Life Transformation Groups (LTG). I wish that we could reduce the number of services we have in churches today and replace some of these services with LTGs. I've identified it as a good method of multiplying disciples, and by the grace of God, I plan to utilise it wherever I find myself.

The Lord bless you sir,


The Training Exceeded My Expectations
Sister Christine from Uganda said after finishing her training that she not only met the goals that she had for her life before enrolling in the DTS, but she exceeded them. She also stated:

"Through DTS training I have learnt a lot about God, about man, and what is expected of me as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Further my knowledge of God has increased. I do not boast in this knowledge, but my prayer is that I remain focused, my eyes forever fixed unto the Lord Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our salvation. 

Moreover, I have been taught what the life of a servant of God should be, and how to make God known in the right way; and not be silent, but declare the gospel of the Lord Jesus without fear. Sincerely I can say that DTS exceeded my expectations, in terms of the personal goals I had hoped to achieve through it. Glory be to God Almighty.

In His service,

Christine A.E."

Invitation to You
To God be all the glory for these testimonies! If you would like to receive discipleship training and experience life change, you are invited to apply for enrollment. There is no limit to what God can do in and through your life through this valuable training.

We hope you will take time to prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you to apply for enrollment. If you decide this is for you, then please complete the DTS application at this link and return it to Len Lacroix. We will review your application and let you know if you have been accepted. If you don't know how to contact us, please leave a comment on this page.

If the Lord is leading you to give an offering to support this ministry, it would be greatly appreciated. You can find out how to do so right here at this link.

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Len Lacroix is the founder of Doulos Missions International.  He was based in Eastern Europe for four years, making disciples, as well as helping leaders to be more effective at making disciples who multiply, developing leaders who multiply, with the ultimate goal of planting churches that multiply. His ministry is now based in the United States with the same goal of helping fulfill the Great Commission. www.dmiworld.org. Partner with us online by giving to DMI.

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