Training Structure

This school is divided into three years with each year having four quarters of training.  Each quarter lasts a total of twelve weeks or three months. Below you will find the links to the curriculum for each quarter:

First Year Second Year Third Year
First Quarter First Quarter First Quarter
Second Quarter Second Quarter Second Quarter
Third Quarter Third Quarter Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter Fourth Quarter Fourth Quarter

The school runs on a schedule, so it's important to enroll in time. There are four opportunities during the year to begin. If you miss the deadline to enroll at the beginning of a quarter, then you will need to wait until the start of another quarter to begin. No matter when you start, you will begin with the first year, first quarter curriculum and proceed with all subsequent quarters in sequence without breaks until you have completed the entire training at the end of three years.

Quarter Beginning Date Ending Date
Quarter A September 1 November 30
Quarter B December 1 February 28
Quarter C March 1 May 31
Quarter D June 1 August 31

Basic Rules and Regulations
There need to be a few basic rules and regulations, in order to provide accountability, maintain proper order, and foster an environment that is conducive to discipleship. By enrolling in the Doulos Training School (DTS), the student agrees to submit to the process outlined on the DTS home page, as well as the rules listed below. Abiding by these rules is a condition for continuing as a DTS student, and failure to do so may result in a suspension of participation in the school.

1.  All coursework for each quarter must be completed by the end of the quarter.  Each student must certify in writing by the end of each quarter that he/she has finished all reading for that quarter. Otherwise, students will not be allowed to advance to the next quarter.

2. If a student does not complete the coursework for the given quarter, he/she will remain in the same quarter of the DTS until the reading for that quarter is finished. A first-quarter student will remain a first-quarter student until all coursework is completed for that quarter. Once completed, the student will be required to wait until the next start date of the following quarter to begin their next quarter (see schedule above).

3. All students are required to participate in a Life Transformation Group (LTG), according to the specific format we have developed for this DTS. If there is not an existing LTG in the local area where a student resides, the student will need to start an LTG of their own, by inviting another person to join him/her. The other individual does not need to be a DTS student.

4. No student who fails to participate in a Life Transformation Group (LTG) will be allowed to continue in the DTS, unless there is a valid reason. An example of a valid reason would be when initially enrolling in the DTS, the student may need to find someone to join him/her in an LTG, which may take some time. However, if there is a delay in finding an LTG partner, the student must do his/her due diligence in prayer and inviting others to join an LTG. The student must also provide regular, written updates on their progress in starting an LTG, the steps they are taking, and any obstacles they may be encountering. This is so that they may receive assistance in removing any obstacles.

5. In addition to the Life Transformation Group, there are several other practical requirements that each student must fulfill, known as the Practicum. The student must give an account that the practical requirements were fulfilled when certifying the completion of the coursework at the end of each quarter.  

6. Students must remain in contact periodically with the DTS administration. If a student is contacted by email or phone by the administration, he/she must respond within a reasonable period of time, so that lines of communication may remain open, status may be communicated, and issues may be resolved. 

7. Students and graduates are not to ask the DTS for money or expect any kind of financial support from the DTS. The school is free of charge, and this is our gift to the students. But the purpose of the school is not to financially support the students and graduates or their ministries, nor is it to cover the cost of their emergencies and various bills which they incur. 

Len Lacroix is the founder of Doulos Missions International.  He was based in Eastern Europe for four years, making disciples, as well as helping leaders to be more effective at making disciples who multiply, developing leaders who multiply, with the ultimate goal of planting churches that multiply. His ministry is now based in the United States with the same goal of helping fulfill the Great Commission. Partner with us online by giving to DMI.