Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Willing Heart I

This elective course contains the first half of the autobiography of my dear friend, Dr. Andrew Stenhouse, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for around twenty-eight years. His life is a living example of what it means to have a willing heart to please the Heavenly Father, which is something that's so important for all of us to have.

His life story is told in short, fifteen-minute segments (on average), in which I interviewed him over the phone. You will find the links to each blog post below containing the transcripts and audio recordings, so that you can read along while you listen to it. You may also download each of the podcasts, if you prefer to do so. I believe the Lord will use it to speak to your heart. Enjoy!

Please read and listen to these chapters in sequential order, one through six:

Ch. 1: Carried on Angel's Wings Ch. 3: Choosing a Career Path Ch. 5: Confirmations of God's Direction
Ch. 2: God's Protection During Bombing Ch. 4: God's Audible Call to Be a Doctor Ch. 6: Delivering Island Babies

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