Monday, July 27, 2015

Pneumatology III

Pneumatology (n(y)o͞oməˈtäləjē/) is the branch of Christian theology concerned with the Holy Spirit. The following subjects will be covered in this course:

Holy Fire Baptism Baptized by Blazing Fire -- a Korean church's testimony* The Happy Hunters on Fire
The Burning Ones Discerning the Things of the Spirit Judging Revelations, Visions, and Prophecies

* The article, Baptized by Blazing Fire -- a Korean church's testimony, provides the links to the five-book series by brother Yong Doo Kim, called Baptize by Blazing Fire (BBBF). In addition to reading the article above about the Korean church, students are required to read all five books by the end of their second year of DTS. The suggested schedule for reading the five books in one year is to read one of the five books every ten weeks. Alternatively one could read ten pages per week of these books. That will allow fifty weeks to read all five, which should be ample time, and will result in the completion of the reading assignment with two weeks to spare. See the BBBF table near the bottom of the Course Load Overview page for more help.

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