Required Videos

If an article in the DTS coursework features one or more videos, viewing is required for the completion of the course. Here are the articles that contain videos:

Period: First Year - Third Quarter
Course: Evangelism I
Subject: Share Jesus Without Fear

Period: First Year - Fourth Quarter
Course: Evangelism II
Subject: The Jesus Film Project
Videos: Jesus Film for Adults and Jesus Film for Children

Period: Second Year – First Quarter
Course: Demonology I
Subject: Demonology 101

Period: Second Year – Third Quarter
Course: Hamartiology II
Subject: Godly Attire & Adornment -- Seven Divine Revelations
Videos: Students are required to watch the following seven:

James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Testimony of Heaven and Hell - Adelaida de Carrillo
At the Edge of Hell - OLGA's Testimony of Hell
A Warning From God To All Women - Evangelist Claire Andoun
Revelation of Heaven and Hell Ayodele Sawyerr
Divine Revelation of Hell Michael Thomas Sambo
Testimony of Heaven and Hell - Pastor Ezekiel Moses

Period: Second Year – Fourth Quarter
Course: Angelology II
Subject: Angelic Encounters
Videos: The following four:
The Four Tallest Homes in Heaven
Michael Thomas Sambo's Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Sister Ayo - a Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Only the Holy -- Three Shocking Testimonies

Period: Third Year – Third Quarter
Course: Visions and Revelations II
Subjects: Students are required to take TEN of the following:

James Agboola Revelation of Heaven and Hell
Ezekiel Moses Testimony of Heaven and Hell
Visitation of Jesus to Samuel Oghenetega
Michael Shigaba's Encounter with Jesus
Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Hell
Lynn Veasley's Revelation of Heaven
Colombian Woman Died, Saw Heaven and Hell
Armenian Man Raised from the Dead (no video)
Claire Andoun Solomon's Encounter with Jesus (no video)
Revelation of Sister Claire Andoun in Heaven (no video)
Eudoxia Varga Testimony of Heaven and Hell (no video)

Period: Third Year – Third Quarter
Course: Discipleship VII

Period: Third Year – Fourth Quarter
Course: Gifts of the Spirit
Subject: The Power of God to Heal
Videos: The following videos are required, which take about fourteen hours to watch:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8
Video 9
Video 10
Video 11
Video 12
Video 13
Video 14

Period: Second Year
Course: Testimonies I (Elective)
Subject: Gems from Heaven (very short)

Altogether there are forty videos required. Obviously if a video is part of an Elective subject, then it is only required if you choose to take that particular Elective. Please note that students only need to watch each video once, so there is no need to watch it a second time when the same video occurs in more than one article. 

Finally, we ask that you please do not jump ahead to watch videos that are part of future quarters, in which you are not yet studying. There is a definite order for the coursework and a reason for it. First comes the foundation and then we build upon that. Therefore, you should focus on the coursework (and any associated videos) required for the quarter you are currently in, so that you can complete your current assignment by the given deadline.

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